Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth IN A GENDER-CONFUSED CULTURE

Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth IN A GENDER-CONFUSED CULTURE

A cornerstone of our society—the truth that God created humans as male and female, with different identities, bodies, natures, and roles in the family and church—is being relentlessly deconstructed in our culture. The only response to this decay that our children seem to be seeing from Christian parents and leaders is either un-Christlike hostility to the LGBTQ community or passivity—letting our confused children fend for themselves.

The PCA Committee on Discipleship Ministries has partnered with me to make a short book available in printed or free ebook form to all Bible believing parents and leaders entitled, “Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture.” Its purpose is: a) to equip them to understand what today’s culture is saying to our children about gender fluidity, gender roles, and sexuality, b) to equip parents to help our children wholeheartedly embrace the biblical worldview that answers these cultural views, c) to equip parents to guide our children into a healthy sexual identity that is rooted in Christ and exhibits Christ-like compassion for the sexually confused and broken.

In my travels around the country I see what it costs our children when we fail to equip them to cope with this gender-confusion: (Each observation below is followed by a short video link explaining one aspect of the book.)

I see weakened marriages in the rising generation. The commands to husbands and wives concerning their responsibilities in marriage are not different by accident. The husband’s call to lead sacrificially and the wife’s calling to be his necessary ally are part of God’s perfect design. (Link to 2-minute video clip, “What a child believes about sexuality, gender, and gender roles has a lot to do with the outcome of his life.”)

I see teens come to the wrong conclusion about their sexual identity. This is tragic, because a believer who experiences same-sex attraction will think his identity is the be Gay so that he belongs to the LGBTQ community. He does not. He belongs in the community of Christ-followers, all of whom struggle with sin. (Link to 1.35-minute video “My son told me he was gay because…”)

I see teens who are very insecure about themselves. No one perfectly fits gender stereotypes. But because of massive confusion today about gender, our kids are tentative and uncertain about what their masculinity or femininity means. God wants Christian parents to develop confident daughters who pursue godly beauty (I Pet 3:4) and secure sons who pursue godly strength (1 Corinth 16:23). (Link to 1:30-minute video clip “My twelve-year-old daughter told us she was transgender. What do I do?”)

I see more and more teens raised in Bible-believing homes doubting the authority of Scripture when it comes to it’s teaching about homosexuality and gender roles. Thousands of teens from Evangelical churches are saying that Paul’s teaching on marriage, gender, and homosexuality was culturally determined and does not express the Word of God on these subjects. (Link to 1:45-minute video clip “My daughter says she doesn’t believe what the Bible teaches…”)

I never ask the men who receive this e-letter for anything. But today, I am asking: Please ask your wife to help you get the word out about this resource to the parents, grandparents, and church leaders of your church. Here is the link to this free download and printed version for purchase. Here is the link to the short Vimeo videos that explain the book, which make great Facebook posts. This might be the best investment in men’s ministry that you ever made—the men’s ministry of the next generation.