Can anything get Christian men out of isolation?

YES.  Got Your Back  has led thousands of men to build the brotherhood connections they need!


A must-read for every men's ministry team.  An ideal 10-week men's Bible study.

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Men’s biggest struggles are with their relationships

This seminar is being rated at 9.4 on a ten point scale.


Men learn more in a Saturday morning seminar than they will by reading ten books--because they won't read the books!

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The rising generation of children needs our help!

Learn what the culture is saying about SEXUALITY & GENDER, then how to give a loving, winsome, biblical response.

Discover how to help your child build a godly, masculine or feminine, confidence-producing, gender identity. 

Click here to view the TSER Gender Unicorn (fractured) view of sexual personhood your kids are being taught

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A Grace-Centered Men’s Seminar For Battling Lust

  • Learn biblical strategies for avoiding the slippery slope of regular porn use
  • Overcome the shame over lust that brings spiritual paralysis
  • Understand your part in changing what your heart craves

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Invest 25 minutes/wk to stay focused on CHRIST’S MISSION for YOU

  • biblical understanding
  • practical insight
  • refreshing motivation

                       FOR YOUR MISSION

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Mission Focused Men for Christ Podcast

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Dr. Gary Yagel is a specialist in men’s ministry who is known for igniting passion in men to be faithful followers of their Commander-In-Chief, Jesus Christ.  In his short books and through speaking at local churches, he helps men understand biblical manhood.  In an encouraging and practical way, he teaches men to be spiritual leaders at home, to meet the needs of their wives that God designed husbands to meet, to help their daughters aspire to being godly women, and to guide their sons into godly manhood.  He is the author of Got Your Back, Loving Our Wives Well, and the parenting book, Anchoring Your Child to God's Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture. In 2020 he began the the weekly 25 minute podcast, Mission Focused Men for Christ, which has had over 50,000 episodes listened to over the past two years. 

Gary was a trained presenter of Man In the Mirror’s No Man Left Behind Seminar, an 18-hour training course on building a successful men’s ministry in the local church. He has filmed ten, 4-12 minute video tutorials, entitled Effective Men’s Ministry, that are available for free on Vimeo. He served 15 years as the men's ministry coach of his denomination, the Presbyterian Church In America, has taught a course on discipleship at Reformed Theological Seminary, DC, and serves as the Executive Director of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood, a non-profit support ministry to local churches. 

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