Dr. Gary Yagel is a specialist in men’s ministry who is known for igniting passion in men to be faithful followers of their Commander-In-Chief, Jesus Christ.  In his short books and through speaking at local churches, he helps men understand biblical manhood.  In an encouraging and practical way, he teaches men to be spiritual leaders at home, to meet the needs of their wives that God designed husbands to meet, to help their daughters aspire to being godly women, and to guide their sons into godly manhood.  His Grace Transformed Sexuality seminar and 9-week group study by the same name have picked up many men who have been beaten down by lust, and inspired them to get back into the fight. His men’s bible study, Forging Bonds of Brotherhood, helps men disciple one another, by supporting and encouraging each other in their spiritual battles.

Gary is a trained presenter of Man In the Mirror’s No Man Left Behind Seminar, an 18-hour training course on building a successful men’s ministry in the local church. He has filmed ten, 4-12 minute video tutorials, entitled Effective Men’s Ministry, that are available for free on Vimeo. He serves as the men's ministry coach of his denomination, the Presbyterian Church In America, teaches a course on discipleship at Reformed Theological Seminary, DC, and serves as the Executive Director of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood, a non-profit support ministry to local churches.