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Recovering the Call to Biblical Manhood Seminar:  Gospel Fellowship Church Valencia, PA

Get your guys discussing how we should respond to our culture, which is deconstructing God’s design of male and female. Topics are: “What godly manhood looks like and how the fall has marred that design,” “How godly manhood impacts our relationships at home,” “What a Son Needs from His Dad to Grow into Godly Manhood,” “A Fresh Look at Jesus: God’s Portrait of True Manhood.

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Boys at Risk: How the Culture Emasculates Our sons and What to Do About It—Iron Sharpens Iron Seminar Sarasota, FL

This seminar reveals the culture's attack on God's design for masculinity and equips Dads to motivate their sons to pursue godly masculinity in this gender-confused culture.

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Four Needs of a Wife that Scripture Calls Husbands to Meet

HELP! This woman is harder to love than I thought. WHAT DOES THIS WOMAN NEED FROM ME?

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