The Gender-Unicorn: The Worldview that is Shaping Our Children

The Gender-Unicorn: The Worldview that is Shaping Our Children

If parents and church leaders are to help our children recover godly manhood and womanhood we must understand the growing influence in our culture of a worldview that distinguishes and separates five aspects of our human sexuality, proclaiming that every human is free to choose and change all five. Valuing choice over the inerrancy of Scripture, this view of sexuality proclaims that every human is free to choose and change all five aspects of his or her sexuality. Here are those component parts defined:

a) Sex assigned at birth: the sexual anatomy with which you were born

b) Romantic attraction: which is separated from physical attraction

c) Sexual attraction: sexual orientation (same-sex, heterosexual, or bisexual attraction)

d) Gender identity: seeing yourself as a man, a woman, or androgynous (gender fluid)

e) Gender expression (role): the way you express your gender; adoption of expectations for your gender

This fractured view of human sexuality permeates the thinking of key influencers in the culture that is shaping the rising generation. The importance of choice in sexuality is seen on television, on college applications, discussed in YouTube videos and promoted in the social media. This view of sexuality may seem more fair and inclusive to our teens. But, in reality, it is harmful to both those inside and outside of the church. Understanding and following God’s perfect creation design is always the pathway to wholeness.

This misguided view of sexual personhood is portrayed in the Gender Unicorn diagram (above) designed by an organization named, Trans Student Educational Resources. This group uses the diagram to promotes this view of sexuality in school systems around the world.

Even as we help our children think biblically about the worldview that is articulated by the Gender Unicorn, we must view those in the LGBTQ life through the lens of grace. Those who hold these views, like the woman at the well of Samaria, need to be loved and valued as those made in God’s image, much more than they need to hear our arguments against their worldview. Nevertheless, in order for our children to love those in the LGBTQ life or those espousing the Gender Unicorn view, instead of feeling the need to “argue them down,” our children need to be quietly confident of the biblical answer to such views.

When it comes to understanding gender, Christians have something far, far better to offer our children and culture. It is not human disintegration—the splitting apart of one’s biological sex from one’s sexual identity and sexual role, or the separation of gender from emotional attraction. It is an integrated view of body and soul that sees God’s design of male and female to be glorious. As Owen Strachen and Gavin Peacock point out in their book, The Grand Design.

When we trust Christ as our Savior, the beauty of God’s design comes into view. Our conversion opens our eyes to the nature and purpose of our God-given sex. We see the body not as a blunt instrument for our lusts, but as the gift of God for his glorification. We see our relationships with the opposite sex not as a power play, but as an opportunity to serve others in the name of Christ. We see the plan of complementarity, the roles we have the privilege of filling, not as a sentence to misery but a summons to happiness. (p. 14-15.)  

The biblical worldview that answers the five parts of the Gender Unicorn view is given in Chaper 2 of Anchoring Your Child to God's Truth in a Gender Confused CultureThis chapter helps parents know how to be winsome, uderstanding, and compassionate towards those who don't hold the biblical world view—yet still fully persuade their children that the biblical view is true and makes far more sense than the TSER view.  Click to listen to a 1.55 second video that explains how the book can help parents and church leaders.