Proven Success Impacting Men’s Lives for Christ

Proven Success Impacting Men’s Lives for Christ

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a magic bullet that would succeed at helping men resist porn, love their wives well, share Christ with their neighbors, and stay focused on discipling their children?

There is no such magic bullet—but there is a universal biblical principle of spiritual growth: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Prov 27:17)  As the members of Christ’s Body speak with others about how their lives intersect with the truth of Scripture they stimulate spiritual health and growth in each other. “Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ…” (Eph 4:15).

God has been using the book, Got Your Back to get men into such brotherhood connections, where spiritual battles and lessons learned are shared.

Listen to these words spoken by Christian MEN in 2018 who are engaged with other men doing this.

Question: How has having the kind of brotherhood connection described in Got Your Back impacted your walk with Christ?

Question: How has the brotherhood connection described in Got Your Back helped you be a better husband and father?

Question: Why is it worth paying the price to forge the brotherhood connections described in GYB?

Here is what church LEADERS are saying about GYB.

Question: As an elder in God’s church, why do you believe men need the kind of brotherhood connection described in GYB? 

Question: Tell us your story of how GYB has helped you get the men of your church better connected as brothers

Question:  What would you say to other church leaders about GYB? 

Jesus told us that the Father is glorified as His followers bear much spiritual fruit. Such spiritual growth comes through connection in His Body. No matter how biblical the preaching or inspirational the worship, a Christian man's spiritual growth will be stunted unless he has a regular place in his schedule where he is speaking with a few brothers about his walk with Christ. That is a fact.

God is using Got Your Back to get men out of isolation and into such connections. Please pass on these testimonial links to the pastors and elders you know, and perhaps post them on your Facebook page. (You might want to put them under the heading of “Getting Men to Disciple One Another”). We are excited to announce that Got Your Back is now available in audiobook at