A Perspective on Time for Dads This Summer

A Perspective on Time for Dads This Summer

All dads need to do is to show up to be heroes to their kids. Are you spending the time with them that they need? Here is a perspective on managing our time well as fathers:

1. A child cherishes a father’s presence above all else.

2. You have a very short time in which to be the major influence on your children’s lives.

3. “Quality time” does not offset father absence. Little time = little influence.

4. You can’t buy back lost time.

5. The world, deadlines, contracts, and so forth will always be there—your children won’t.

6. Men on their deathbed never say, “I wish I had spent less time with my family.”

7. The thief in American homes today is overactivity.

8. Whatever intimacy parents and teens enjoy is almost always cultivated before the age of twelve—rarely after it.

9. Out of quantity time come the quality moments.

10. If you make time with children when they are young, there will be opportunities and even requests from them when they are older.