Our Daughters And The Transgender Craze KEEP 1/GIVE 1 AWAY—TWO PACK

Help stop teen girls from rejecting and mutilating their feminine bodies! Since 2008, there has been a 4000% increase in teen girls coming out as transgender, including many daughters from Christian homes. These girls reject what the Bible teaches about gender, immerse themselves in trans ideology through trans social media influencers, become more hostile towards their “transphobic” parents and churches, and insist on finding a doctor who will prescribe puberty blockers and testosterone, which permanently mar their God-created bodies.

This mini book seeks to give you 1) a picture of what is happening, 2) a biblical perspective on this phenomenon, 3) a strategy to minimize the likelihood that our own daughters will embrace radical gender ideology, and 4) practical suggestions for being light to the secular world in the four fields of medicine, public education, government policy, and women’s sports.

Our Daughters and the Transgender Craze: Responding With Grace and Truth is not sold individually but in packs of 2, 5, and 8The 5-booklet Grandparent Pack is a separate store item than this 2-Pack. It inlcudes a PDF, "Grandparents Impacting Their Grandchildren Using Our Daughters and the Transgender Craze." The 8--booklet Small Group Study Pack is a third item in the store. It includes a very helpful PDF, "Leaders Guide for Small Group Study of Our Daughters and the Transgender Craze."  Purchasers may choose this 2-Pack by clicking below or the 5-Pack or 8 Pack just because they want that number of booklets.

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