Saturday Morning Seminars

Seminars are a fantastic tool for impacting men's growth in discipleship!  Here are 3 reasons:  1) The right speaker can re-ignite their passion for Christ and His kingdom.  Most men already know what they should be doing; what they need most is a fresh dose of energy and inspiration to live for Christ.  2)  Since most men read very little, a 3 hour seminar can give a man more content that is relevant to his walk with Christ than he normally gets in a whole year through reading. 3)  What men need, even more than biblical content, is connection with other men who face the same challenges and struggles they do.  Our seminars always include discussion groups.


Can Our Church Afford to Host Such a Seminar?  The answer is most likely, "yes."  Most of our seminars are 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours long.  Our standard seminar fee is only $25/man with a minimum guarantee of 25 men.  The host church would need to cover travel expenses of over 50 miles. Contact Gary for more information about our seminars. 


Which Seminar Is the Best One to Start With?  The answer is the one that best fits the needs of your guys.  If they all match the needs of your men, here is a suggestion. Start with Recovering Biblical Manhood in year one.  Host Called to Be Men in year two, which gives him apractical tools and a game plan for living out his calling as a man. Then follow up with  Grace Transformed Sexulaity or Becoming a Band of Brothers.  However, any seminar works as a starting place if it addresses the needs of your men! 



Build men who have a clear definition of godly masculinity

and passion to honor Christ by being godly men

  • What Does Godly Manhood Look Like?
  • What Does a Son Need From His Dad to Grow Into Godly Manhood?
  • How Does an Authentic Man Pursue a Woman?
  • Jesus: God's Portrait of True Manhood

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No man wants to fail at anything—but especially he doesn’t want to fail those he loves most—his wife and kids.  But few men have been taught what their wife needs from them or how to be the spiritual leader at home that their family needs.WINNING AT HOME   


Seminar Content


Four Needs of a Wife That Only Her Husband Can Meet (And Are VERY DIFFERENT from his own!)

  • Understanding what her feminine heart was designed by God to crave
  • Understanding What Romance is to a Woman
  • Solving the Intimacy Misconnect That Happens In 83% of Marriages

Being An Effective Spiritual Leader at Home (Whatever the heck that means)

  • Understanding What Leadership Is and Is Not
  • Identifying Four Relationship-busters that Undermine our Influence at Home
  • Foundational Principles for Training Kids to be Responsible and Self-controlled

The seminar presents very practical, biblical principles in a manner that encourages and inspires men, instead of shaming them with everything they are doing wrong as a husband and father. Even singles love this seminar because they want to understand how a woman is wired and expect to be married with a family one day. When this seminar was field tested this fall the men rated it 9.6 on a 1-10 point scale.

This is a great follow-up seminar to the Rediscovering Biblical Manhood seminar.





Build men who have a passion and practical game plan 

for living out their calling from God TO BE MEN

  • A Man and His Mission--How can we overcome busyness & stay focused on what Christ wants us to accomplish? 
  • A Man and His Lady--Agape love is sacrificing to meet our wives' needs, but what are those needs? 
  • A Man and His Brother--Men don't naturally get close so how can we become a spiritual band of brothers?

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Build young men & men who are equipped with grace-

centered biblical principles for their life-long battle with lust

  • Further your biblical understanding of sexual desire and why lust has such power. 
  • Sharpen your thinking about the heart, its idols, and how to protect it from the steep slope of Internet addiction.
  • Discover 7 grace-centered principles, which change the way a man battles lust.
  • In a safe environment, be revitalized in your battle with lust, knowing you're not the only one struggling.
  • Leave, determined that when you get knocked down in this battle, you will get back up

   (Special optional break-out session for husbands: “Solving the Intimacy

    Misconnect: Men Spell Intimacy SEX, Women spell It TALK)


Follow-up Tool:  Grace Transformed Sexuality Small Group Study


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Build men who are winning their spiritual battles because they no

longer fight them alone

  • Why Christian men are often alone in their struggles
  • Lessons from Jonathan and David
  • I’ve got your back

Follow-up Tool: Forging Bonds of Brotherhood Small Group Study



“GREAT DADS”  (Great for Outreach)

    Build men equipped to send godliness down the line of their

        descendents to the third and fourth generation

  • What kids really need from their dad
  • How to provide unconditional love and affection
  • How to instill moral and spiritual values

Follow-up Tool: Great Dads, by Bob Hamrin




Speaking Events

Rediscovering Biblical Manhood

Ingleside Pres
1001 Old Snellville Hwy, Lawrenceville, GA
Saturday, Jan 24, 2015

Winning At Home

Hixson Pres
1005 Gadd Rd., Hixson, TN
Friday, Mar 20, 2015 - Saturday, Mar 21, 2015

Rediscovering How Disciples Are Made

Hixson Pres
1005 Gadd Rd., Hixson, TN
Sunday, Mar 22, 2015